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Wardrobe Roundup 2023

Hello darlings!

I had a lot of fun doing this last year, so I thought I'd do it again this year!

I'm going to include a couple of details about the clothes, plus my own personal thoughts. I'm also working to embroider all of my clothes with quotes, so if I have I'll include the quote too!


For an up-to-date list of my chemise collection, see this post.


Wasp-Waist Corset

Handmade | Floral Coutil | False Whalebone | Straight Busk

My preferred choice for when I want a corset on show; all of my other corsets are practical rather than pretty!

Aïda Corset

Handmade | Aïda fabric | False Whalebone | Straight Busk

This is the corset I got the most wear out of this year. I like the breathability of aïda fabric, especially as I tend to run hot and that's not great when historical clothing involves so many layers! It's a very practical shape, too, with a minimal waist reduction so it's quite comfortable. I would like to make another corset using this pattern sometime soon.

I do have more corsets in my collection, but these are the ones I wore most often with everyday wear.

Foundation Wear

Bum Roll

Handmade | Adds 5cm to hip-line

I had to re-make my bum roll for the first time this year as the padding had gone a little flat. My first one lasted me a good three years or so, so not a bad run for something I use almost every time I go out!

White Petticoat

Handmade | Drawstring Tie

I initially had a dark blue ribbon on this petticoat, but it showed through my light-coloured skirts so I changed it over to yellow. It could use a little taking up as I have to roll it under a lot of my skirts, but at this point I may just make a new one soon!

Red Taffeta Petticoat

Handmade | Hook and Bar Fastening

I love the rustling sound of a taffeta petticoat! It also doesn't 'stick' to the fabric of the outer skirt as easily as my cotton one so it's very nice to wear.


Gingham Tea-Gown

Handmade | Gingham fabric | Embroidered

'You are so brave and quiet, I forget that you are suffering.'

For summer wear, this tea gown has been indispensible. As it's boned, I can throw it on or wear it it properly with my corset, bum roll and petticoat. At present, it's one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe.


Ruffle Collar Blouse

New! | TK Maxx | Polyester

This blouse was a good purchase as it's super lightweight and, as I mentioned, I often overheat in my clothing. Plus, I can show off my chemise and corset through it! I did have to alter the collar as it was too large, but this was relatively easy to do, and I like the collar and cuff details.

Linen Blouse

TK Maxx | Linen

One of my favourite go-to blouses, the linen breathes well and it has a nice shape. I altered the cuffs to look more 'romantic' as they simply had an elasticated cuff before.

As above / So Below

Handmade | Cotton

'As above, so below.'

I love the details of this blouse (black and white is one of my favourite colour combinations). The shoulders don't fit as nicely as I would like so I'm not sure how long I'll keep this one.


Handmade | Invisible hook-and-eye Fastening

I made this blouse for my graduation a few years ago. There is a matching skirt made from the same fabric. The waist is a little short so I sewed ties onto both this and the skirt, but it means that I can't really wear it comfortably with any other skirt.


Handmade | Drawstring-tie Waist

This top is also a little short in the waist, but only at the sides. It looks best with a ruffled corset-cover to really get that 'pigeon-breasted' look, but it's also a very nice, light blouse for summer wear.


Handmade | Boned

This is fabulous for summer wear, it's boned so I cam wear it without a corset, removing some layers to keep me cooler. It has a linen lining which wicks away moisture and dress shields sewn into the underarms which can be removed and washed separately. It is a faff to get on though!

Gold & Black

Handmade | Boned | Waist-tape

'Pain and pleasure, indivisible.'

Another one of my favourite pieces, I finally got around to making some minor alterations to it this year so I truly am happy with every aspect. I tightened the sleeves, changed the sleeve decoration (it used to have a white ruffle with decidedly did not go with the colour scheme) and moved the waist tape slightly lower.


Black Wool

Handmade | 100% Wool | Front Fastening

The old faithful, this is definitely the skirt that gets the most wear in my wardrobe.


Handmade | Boned Waistband

'So, we'll go no more a roving

So late into the night,

Though the heart be still as loving,

And the moon be still as bright.'

The pattern I used for this skirt is really fun as it only has one seam at the centre front; it's a Victorian pattern and was recommended for fabrics with checks or stripes.


Handmade | Fluted Skirt

This is the skirt that matches my graduation top, but I can use it for a lot more outfits than just that! It's a lovely light skirt for the summer and is blinding when worn with a white top- which is what you want in summer, to blind people, no?

Pink Gingham

Handmade | Upcyled Bedsheet

I initially had a blouse made from the same fabric, but I'm no longer happy with the fit so I've just kept the skirt. Another lovely light, floaty skirt for spring and summer, that has lovely movement from the additional piece added to the bottom.

Rusty Pleated

Handmade | Upcycled Bedsheet

I was inspired by the Georgian era when I made this skirt, but I kept the waistband and back fastening of my Victorian skirts. The fact that it's pleated all around means that I can wear it with other, wider skirt supports if I want big hips!


Handmade | Brushed Cotton

This skirt is quite heavy and has a lovely drape to it. I want to make another brown skirt this year to replace it (definitely not because when I made it I cut some of the panels the wrong way so all of the panels are different colours).

High Waisted

Handmade | Boned | Lace-up Back

Assembling this skirt was an interesting experiment, and I often worry that the slapdash way I assembled it shows, but whenever I see it in photos I remember how pretty it looks (have you ever seen that 'what the writer sees vs. what the reader sees' meme? -yeah, that). This year I also finally brought the hem up so it no longer dragged on the floor when I walked.



New! | Le Soir | Upcycled Vintage

I'm not usually into alterations, but a family friend gifted me a suitcase full of vintage clothing and this one just jumped out at me. I removed the shoulder pads, tightened and puffed the sleeves and nipped in the waist to give it a more 'Victorian' feel.

Victorian Punk

Handmade | No Seams!!

I used a Victorian 'no seam' pattern to make this jacket, then spent a very long time painting and patching it to make this very cool Victorian/punk jacket!

Sherlock Waistcoat


I made this very early in my historical-dressing adventure, so I'm not terribly happy with the fit. Still a cute design though!

Fantasy Waistcoat

Handmade | Castle Button Details

Again, I made this very early in my historical-dressing experiments so the fit isn't great; I think this one can be fixed simply by raising the bottom hem though, which I might do... next year? Possibly? I'm sure I've been saying that for the last three years!

Rain Cape

New! | Waterproof | Hook-and-eye Closure

'It can't rain all the time.'

The second cape added to my wardrobe. I made it using waterproof fabric and it really comes in handy in the April showers season as it's light but rain-proof!

Dracula Cape

Handmade | Wrap-around Hook and Bar Fastening | 100% Wool

'All flesh is equal when burnt.'

And this is the first cape, the one that made me fall in love with capes! It's from the American Duchess free pattern and I couldn't love it more.

Stage Blazer

Handmade | Hook and Eye Fastening

'All the world's a stage.'

I made this from a Victorian pattern and I love the fit, especially over a bum roll. The fabric has a lovely print, and I kept the name of it and sewed it into the hem, so it can be admired for as long as this blazer lasts! I would like to add a waist tape to this in the new year so it keeps flush to the bum roll.

Beaded Cape

Vintage | M&S

From my grandmother, it jazzes up an otherwise simple outfit!

Crochet Top


Again from my grandmother- did you know there's no way to do crochet on a machine so if you ever see a crocheted item in a shop it was done by hand?

Crochet Top


The third and final from my grandmother, it just adds a little something to an otherwise simple outfit.

Mesh Top

New! | Attitude Clothing

Part of my attempt to go a little more goth this year, I purchased this because of the unique mesh pattern! It did come with sequins so I painstakingly removed all of them over the course of a couple months because it made it look tacky- worth it!


So that's my wardrobe for 2023! Do you have any favourite pieces? There's a couple of things I haven't included but that's because I'm either planning on getting rid of them or I haven't actually worn them this year and am waiting for an opportunity!

I'm planning on writing a book about how I dress next year so let me know if there's anything you want me to include!

Until next time,

Aisha x

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