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Wardrobe Roundup 2022

Hello darlings!

As I realised my dream of having a completely historical wardrobe a couple of years ago, I thought I’d document the current contents of my wardrobe. Then, if I make this a yearly thing, we can see how my wardrobe progresses over the years, which will be fun!

Everything is made by me, unless specified otherwise.

My Wardrobe 2022


I won’t go through these individually as I have a lot, but I’m planning to do a post reviewing the various chemise patterns I’ve used and my favourites, so keep an eye out for that!


Please excuse if some of these are a little crinkly, they’re more for summer wear and need a good press!

White Cotton Blouse

This is the first shirt I made for my historical wardrobe- I need to chuck it out, really, I've learned a lot since making it!

Gathered Yoke Blouse

Another one of the first shirts I made, the sleeves are a little discoloured now but I really love this style so I need to re-make it before I discard it!

Edwardian Pigeon-front Blouse

Edwardian Pleated Blouse

I made this for my graduation!

Lace-front Blouse

Linen Blouse

(TK Maxx!)

'As Above/ So Below' Blouse

Crocheted Tops

My grandmother gifted me these recently- I don’t really have anything to wear them with at the moment, but I really love them so I’m hoping to get something appropriate soon!


Black Wool Skirt

The skirt I get the most wear out of!

Brown Canvas Skirt

Tartan Skirt

Russet Skirt

Lace-back Skirt

(I need to shorten this one as it drags along the floor a little)

Gingham Skirt

I made this skirt with a matching bodice, but the bodice didn't look terribly flattering on me so I did discard it. I still liked the skirt though!

Striped Skirt

(This one goes with a few blouses in my collection, if you couldn't tell!)


'I forget you are suffering' Gingham Dress

Peacock Tea Gown

Pleated Tea Gown


'Vanessa Ives' Coat

Sherlock Waistcoat

Black Waistcoat

Stage Jacket

This is one of my favourites!

New additions for 2022

Chelsea Girl Blouse

I found this in a charity shop in December!

Velvet Evening Dress

(I wrote a whole post about the making of this dress- see 'Making an Edwardian Evening Dress')

Victorian Punk Jacket

(This is kinda cheating as I started this well before 2022, but I only finished it this year)


(Another cheat, I started this in December of last year and finished it in the new year)

Gothic Rain Cape

Vampire Cross-front Cape

Brocade Shirt

This is my absolute favourite piece, a fully-boned Victorian bodice with a lovely shiny brocade that makes my waist look amazing.

UFOs for 2022

(If you don’t know what UFO stands for in this context, it means unfinished object- this term is used a lot in the making community, I’m sure you understand why

What will be a Victorian bustle gown.

What will be a Regency dancing dress.

Hopefully I’ll finish these projects by the end of 2022!


And that’s it! I’ll see you again next year for another wardrobe round up- fingers crossed I add a few more handmade pieces. I have lots planned but let’s see if any of these actually come to fruition! Do you have a favourite piece from this years wardrobe? Is there anything you want to add to your wardrobe next year? Let me know, I’d love to hear!

Until next time,

Aisha x

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