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Victorian Letter Stencils

Hello darlings!

A research collation post today; I've been collecting Victorian lettering stencils whenever I see them as they always come in handy for various projects.

All of these are very old and should be in the public domain, so feel free to share and post these wherever!

Embroidery Pattern Book

I bought this from Ebay and, although it was printed in Germany, it has English, French and Spanish on the cover.

And this cute little gnome on the back, which I guess you could also use as an embroidery design, but also he's just adorable!

All of these are cross-stitch letters. There's also more designs on the back (the patterns are printed on an accordion of paper) that aren't letters, so I'll post them separately at some point.

**I just looked back through these and realised that most of them don’t have a J? I don’t know why this is, maybe you’d just use the i for both? If anyone knows please inform me!

Godey's Lady's Book

This is a collection of 'magazines' that have been collated into a book for the year 1862. This is an American publication and I accessed it through the archive.

Names for Marking

Also from Godey's Lady's Book, as well as writing out alphabets, they also designed pre-written names to be traced and embroidered. It gives a really good insight into popular names of the time!

They also sometimes wrote out some example initials and encouraged you to copy them in the same style for your own initials.

Tag someone if their name comes up, or let me know if any of these came in handy for Christmas prezzies! Unfortunately I don't know anyone with these names (I'm sure I did in primary school though), so the individual names aren't all that useful for me.

If you want to see the other side of that first booklet, or other embroidery designs as I've been collecting them too, let me know!

Until next time,

Aisha x

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