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“To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love." ~Jane Austen 


All heroines from Jane Austen’s novels would have carried with them a reticule. From the desperately unstylish Mary to the fiercely on-trend Emma, all would have needed a way in which to carry their belongings. Be more like Emma (only not in *that* way) with this gorgeously styled reticule that is sure to win you your own Mr Knightley in no time. 


This reticule includes hand-sewn embroidery with a decorative letter 'A'. The main body of the bag measures roughly 30 x 18cm.


Reticules made nowadays, having been modelled after extant examples, are far too small for our modern convenience. We must demean ourselves by carrying an additional, often not period-appropriate, bag with us when promenading. For this reason, I have ensured that this bag is big enough for your phone, a small purse, your keys and even a fan, if you so desire. 

To be Fond of Dancing

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