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“To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.” ~Jane Austen


All heroines from Jane Austen’s novels would have carried with them a reticule. From the desperately unstylish Mary to the fiercely on-trend Emma, all would have needed a way in which to carry their belongings. Be more like Emma (only not in *that* way) with this gorgeously styled reticule that is sure to win you your own Mr Knightley in no time. 


This reticule is made from blue cotton with a buttercup yellow lining, decorated a sparkly flower motif and finished with a little tassel. The main body of the bag measures roughly 16x30cm.


Reticules made nowadays, having been modelled after extant examples, are far too small for our modern convenience. We must demean ourselves by carrying an additional, often not period-appropriate, bag with us when promenading. For this reason, I have ensured that this bag is big enough for your phone, a small purse, your keys and even a fan, if you so desire. 

The Most Perfect Refreshment

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