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🦚 Peacock Chatelaine 🦚


"Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance." ~John Ruskin


Why must it always be either beauty or practicality? Our Victorian forebearers found ways to bring style to even the most mundane items, let us endeavour to do the same. 


Chatelaines are an example of the beautiful practicality of Victorian design. Suspended from the belt, they could hold any number of useful things. This example contains a propelling pencil, a whistle, spectacle case, button hook and lucky sixpence. The pencil, spectacle case and button hook are all genuine Victorian pieces. The items are attached using lobster clips so they can be removed for ease of use.


This chatelaine attaches to the waistband of a skirt using a suspender clip, which is designed to be gentle on fabric but very secure. As a precaution, however, you may not want to keep it attached to the same place on the same skirt for extended periods of time. 




Peacock Chatelaine

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