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*Perfect Little Parcel PDF Short Stays Pattern and Tutorial*


These short stays are the perfect introduction to historical costuming, and a lovely addition to your Regency wardrobe. The simplicity of the design means that they are easy to sew while still teaching you key fitting and construction skills to give you the confidence to expand your historical wardrobe further. 



The Regency era was a transitory period, lasting for only a brief amount of time (roughly ten years) wherein the prevailing fashion radically rebelled against the stiff, overly-formal dress of the previous decades. Empire-waisted dresses with low, scooped necklines required a new style of corset, and there were two options: long-line stays and short stays. Short stays were very similar to a modern bra in their shape and function. The use of gussets both lifted and supported the bust and straps worked to keep the bust-line in the correct place.



UK Sizes 6-20. For a breakdown of sizes see listing photo. 


This pattern is suitable for beginners. It comes with five pieces:

-2 Bust gussets


You will receive a printable PDF pattern, NOT a physical pattern. 



The tutorial consists of a 32 page document (it's so long I've had to split it in two in order to upload it here!), with step-by-step instructions and at least one accompanying picture for each step for clarity. It also includes a printer-friendly cheat sheet, fitting troubleshooting pages and a UK-based supplies list.


As always, this pattern and tutorial are evolving documents. If you have any suggestions on how to make this pattern better or tutorial more clear, please do message me your suggestions. I also have a 'Custom Regency Short Stays' listing if you would like to commission me to make you a pair of custom-made Regency short stays (or for other corset styles, check out my 'Custom Corset Commission' listing). 


*PLEASE NOTE* This digital download is for personal use only. You may not duplicate, repackage or distribute these files as this will actively harm my small business. If you would like to share this pattern/tutorial with someone, please direct them to this Etsy listing- thank you!

PDF Regency Short Stays Pattern and Tutorial

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