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‘Ladies, old and young, at this period, wore preposterous pads behind; and, as if this fashion wanted a counterbalance, enormous false bosoms were contrived of puffed gauze, so that they might be compared to pouter pigeons.’ ~Henry Angelo, Reminiscences, 1785


There were many styles of false rump worn during the Georgian period, including this style which I’m terming the ‘split rump’. 


This type of bum roll would have been worn towards the end of the 18th century, especially with the polonaise, which was the height of fashion in the 1780s. The split down the middle meant that the back seam, which extended slightly lower than the waist during this time, could still sit flush to the torso without being hindered by the back padding. 


If you're constructing a wardrobe for the late 18th century, then a false rump is essential! This style gives a very attractive shape to skirts, especially when worn en retroussé, and is easily tied around any waist size through the use of cotton tape ties. 


I make these to order, using a ticking fabric and stuffing to pad the false rump. If you would like a different fabric to be used, just message me and I can see what I can do for you! 

Georgian Split Rump

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