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If you’re in need of a petticoat, look no further! 


This petticoat is suitable for the Georgian era, with a full skirt and just-above-ankle length. It fastens using ties, allowing for different waist measurements and leaving a slit on either side that pockets can be accessed through. 


I will use white cotton to make the petticoat, and all I will require is your waist measurement and waist-to-floor measurement– if you know exactly how long you would like your petticoat to be, that would be even more helpful!


It will measure roughly two metres in circumference, and should be suitable for most bum pads, false rumps and small pocket hoops. If you know which skirt support you will most likely be wearing with this petticoat then do let me know as I can adjust the hem accordingly. If you require a petticoat to be worn over panniers, please do message me as I can give you a quote for a different style of petticoat. 


Also, feel free to message me if you’d like a petticoat in a different fabric, or one with ruffles or any other decoration! 

Georgian Petticoat

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