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If you need a bundle of accessories to kickstart your Georgian wardrobe, look no further! Whether for the historical costumer in your life or as a treat for yourself, this bundle is guaranteed to add the finishing touches to any Georgian ensemble.


The set includes:


x1 Pocket
Although I have pictured it being worn above the dress, a pocket like this would have been worn beneath a lady’s clothing, accessed through slits made in her skirts. This particular one is deep, so it can hold all of your (maybe not so period-appropriate!) things when wearing your Georgian clothing. It ties easily around the waist using ribbon ties. 


x1 Hand-Sewn Cap
This cap is entirely hand-sewn, making use of era-appropriate techniques to bind and finish the piece. It has a small drawstring that can be adjusted to fit the cap closely to the head, and the small lappets can easily be pinned to the hair to keep it in place. 


x1 Straw Hat
A straw hat is essential, and this one in a ‘cartwheel’ style is appropriate for nearly the whole of the 18th century. Decorated in black ribbon, it’s sure to go with any colour scheme to elevate your look.


This bundle is pre-made and can be shipped immediately after your purchase. Gift wrapping and personalisation is available (just message me!).


If you would like to buy these pieces individually, check out my other listings!

Georgian Gift Set

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