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Chemises are the first place to start when building a wardrobe for any era. This chemise is in a Georgian style, with long puffy sleeves that engageantes can easily be attached to and a drawstring neckline that can be adjusted based on the neckline of your dress. 


I will use 100% cotton lawn to make the chemise. It is a lightweight and slightly transparent fabric, so if you would like a more solid cotton let me know and I can arrange that for you. If you want your chemise made out of linen, which is the more historically accurate option, message me before purchasing and I will send you as quote as this will cost more. If there’s enough interest I’ll add a linen option to this listing! 


This style of chemise comes in three sizes:

Small: 86cm bust 
Medium: 100cm bust 
Large: 112cm bust 


Inclusivity is important to me, and I know that most of us don’t fit into a ‘standard’ size. If you have any concerns please do ask and I’ll send you a small list of measurements to ensure that the chemise fits as well as it possibly can. 


As every chemise is made to order, small adjustments to the style can be made. I have in the past made the chemise longer, lengthened the sleeves, and also made the sleeves narrower for customers.


**I also currently have three pre-made chemises in each size, if you purchase one of those it will be shipped out to you immediately.**

Georgian Chemise

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