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Chemises are the first place to start when building a wardrobe for any era. This chemise is in a Georgian style, with long puffy sleeves that engageantes can easily be attached to and a drawstring neckline that can be adjusted based on the neckline of your dress.


It can be made from either cotton or linen. Linen is the more historically accurate option as it can withstand more rigorous washing and wicks moisture away from the body. Cotton is slightly more lightweight.


This style of chemise comes in three sizes:



UK Size 6-10

80-86cm bust



UK Size 12-16

90-100cm bust



UK Size 18-20

106-118cm bust


Measuring roughly 95cm in length (this is standard across all chemise sizes).


If you don't see your size feel free message me- I'm working on getting more sizes in stock but knowing that there's interest will encourage me to work on them!


As every chemise is made to order, small adjustments to the style can be made. I have in the past made the chemise longer, lengthened the sleeves and also made the sleeves narrower for customers. Any major changes may incur extra costs, please message me beforehand.

Georgian Chemise

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