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These garters are perfect for practicing and developing hand-embroidery and sewing skills, culminating in a finished product that doesn’t take much time to complete. A beautiful and practical project, you can easily expand your historical wardrobe with handmade pieces that are hard not to be proud of. 


When you purchase this you will receive a digital download for a tutorial on how to make elasticated garters with easy-to-follow steps, illustrated diagrams and clear photographs. Also included are my own garter designs for those who don't wish to draw their own, based on various extant examples. 


As this is a digital download, I wouldn't recommend printing this entire document once you receive it. You can help save our wonderful planet by referencing it from a laptop/tablet. However, if like to have something physical (as I do!), I have also included a printer-friendly cheat sheet that includes all of the key making stages with room to scribble your thoughts as you go.


- 22 page PDF document
- Brief history of garters
- In-depth tutorial with a picture/illustration for every step
- Handy-dandy tips and tricks from an experienced seamstress to get your work looking the best that it can be 
- BONUS Five free garter designs! 

Elasticated Garter PDF Tutorial

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