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Trying to get that period-perfect look? Accessories like this fichu are the key to giving your outfits that lived-in historical feel!


Fichus, a type of shawl, were worn throughout the Georgian and Regency period to fill in the otherwise rather low necklines to preserve modesty during the day. They also protected the skin from sun damage and added another layer of warmth if the weather was chilly. Because of their many uses, fichus can be made from almost any fabric in an endless array of styles. 


This listing is for a triangular or rectangular fichu made in any coloured cotton with no trimmings. You can let me know the colour you would like, or, alternatively, if you would like to send me your outfit I can choose the colour and style that I think would fit best!


If you would like a different fabric or style, then please message me before purchasing and we can discuss designs! The same if you would like any trimmings, lace or embroidery added, or for the hems to be done by hand in a period-accurate way. 


*I also currently have one in stock, check out my Etsy!*

Custom Fichu

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