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Unpacking a 1980s Suitcase

Hello darlings!

The wonderful thing about being into vintage clothing is that sometimes people gift you things that they think you might be interested in.

Sometimes it's just a piece or two, sometimes it's a whole bundle; this time, I hit the jackpot!

A whole suitcase (and I use that definition liberally) of 1980s clothes! The original owner told me the era of the clothing and there were so many shoulder pads in this suitcase I had no reason to doubt her!

There was also a few handmade 1980s prom dresses in the bag, so stick around to the end of the post as they really are worth it!

Let's start with this gorgeous sequinned top! Speaking of shoulder pads, this top has some shoulder pads. It was made by Lyndella (never heard of them!) and is actually made from 100% silk.

While we're looking at funky tops, there was also this metallic sheer top that has a button back, which nowadays I find quite unusual.

It also has a modesty panel sewn into the front so you wouldn't have to wear anything underneath if you didn't want to!

Unlike this top!

This is another sheer one which was in the bundle. With a few buttons fastening the neck and 3/4 length sleeves I can't imagine what you would wear underneath it, except maybe a vest top!

Let's have a look at another very 80s top- look at these sleeves!

The previous owner obviously found it a little low-cut, however, as they've sewn a little popper on the front opening.

There was also another silk top, this one still with tags!

Now we get to one that I actually kept for myself!

It needs a little taking in at the waist, but I thought the fabric was just so cool.

When I dug this top out I didn't realise it was part of a set. Then I dug out a skirt in the same fabric to make this cute little ensemble.

I'm afraid my 1980s fashion knowledge isn't up to scratch, but this also gives off very 80s vibes.

Another one I kept for myself, a remarkably heavy black dress. It's very simple, but it gave me witchy vibes and I think it'll look really good with a corset over the top.

This dress is just gorgeous, and I'm assuming that it's handmade? It has no labels and, despite the majority of the sewing being perfect, there are some strange methods mixed in too; for example, the net overlay at the back isn't finished in any way, the seams are just left raw.

I actually adore this dress so it's a real shame that it's not my size, and too much work to take in. The fabric is just so lovely and drape-y, and it has a cute little cross-over bodice. I also love the style of sleeve.

Finally, we get to the fun stuff. The prom dresses!!

I'll start with the least extreme of the 80s prom dresses.

This one has a lovely low back, and cute little ruched detailing on the bust.

All of these prom dresses are handmade with very roughly finished insides, but they certainly achieve the right look and shape for the era!

This dress also comes with a jacket, made from the same material so presumably made to be worn with the dress.

This one is just so 80s, my goodness. Look at those SLEEVES!

The fabric is so gorgeous too, some kind of two-tone taffeta.

It's a shame that it has (what I presume to be) mould, as I would love to sell it and let someone live out their 80s prom dreams!

And my favourite! The sleeve ruffles, the dropped hemline, the fabric- it's just so much fun!

I really hope someone snaps this up to wear at their own prom! I would just love to see this style of dress in among the more muted, conservative prom dresses that everyone seems to wear nowadays.


Would you wear any of the prom dresses? What about any of the other clothes?

Until next time,


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