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Lino Printed Social Media Logos

Hello darlings!

Just a quick one this week.

I've been working on updating my website a lot at the moment (and I mean a lot), so to make it more fun I dug out my old lino printing stuff from my A-levels and made some unique social media logo prints. Seeing as I spent so much time one them I thought I'd share and see if they can be of use to someone else! They are (or should be....) high quality and transparent for ease of use. All of the social media buttons look the same so to have something a little different can liven up your online space a little, even if it's just for an insta post!

Also, here's a little sketch I did of myself in the style of Victorian/Edwardian advertisements!

It doesn't look much like me- I'm in awe of portrait painters!!- but I'm pretty happy with it!

Until next time,

Aisha x

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