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Jane Austen Festival 2022

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Hello darlings!

This year I had the pleasure of attending the Jane Austen Festival in the beautiful city of Bath. It was my fifth time attending, and my second having a stall at the Festival Fayre. Fun fact: the Jane Austen Festival in Bath was my first foray into wearing historical clothing and, it could be argued, put into motion my love for historical dress, which continues to this day.

The Fayre was held at the simply stunning Guildhall, where I had the pleasure of being next to Papilionaceous who manufacture the most stunning ribbons and I got to meet my long-time insta mutual, Jane of @hatsperiod.

Over 500 people turned up for the costumed promenade, many of which ended up at the Fayre, plus some uncostumed visitors as well.

At my stall, I had ‘standard size’ long-line Regency corsets for the adventurous visitor to try on, ranging from size 6 to size 18. For this year, I also added short stays. After last years Fayre I knew I just had to offer short stays as 1) they’re a lot easier to try on and 2) people are less intimidated by them as they’re really rather close to a modern bra. They’re almost a stepping stone between modern and historical costume, which is another reason why I love Regency fashion as an introduction into historical clothing.

There were lots of people willing to try on corsets this year, which was marvellous as last year was a bit quiet (it was still an odd time in terms of covid regulations). Almost immediately every one of them commented on how it instantly zips your posture upright, moving on to say that they are actually quite comfortable. Most people hear the word ‘corset’ and are immediately intimidated; I think I managed to convert a few people on that day!

I also had over 80 fans that I printed myself with four different designs to give away for free during the event. These fans went with it the first hour of the Fayre being open! I do hope that people enjoyed them and have a nice little memento from the festival.

I wore my underwear to show off during the Fayre, a new corset that I had intended to finish last year but I just didn’t have the time. It’s made from linen with a wooden busk and spiral steels at the back, closed with hand-bound eyelets using linen thread. It’s corded through the front and back (definitely more decorative than supportive) and flossed with black embroidery thread, then embroidered with either that or more of the linen thread. There’s this lovely winding embroidery at the waist, made using a fancy chain stitch that I found here. I also added my initials in red and some eyes between the cording because I have to add something a little sinister, don’t I?

I also attended the sessions held by the Jane Austen Dancers, which are always the highlight of my festival. I didn’t make it to any of the balls, but maybe next year (if I get the funds together!).

So that was my Jane Austen Festival 2022! Did you attend? Do you want to next year? Let me know down below, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,

Aisha x

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