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Book Proposal: The Absolute Beginners Guide to Costume

Hello darlings!

I've recently updated my Patreon tiers to add an option for book supporters! So you don't have to support blindly, I've written out the book proposal below and you can decide whether you want to encourage this venture. If you wish to see the quality of my writing, you can check out my blog posts here. You can also see the quality of my tutorials by checking them out on Etsy.

Suggested title (not finalised):

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Costume

Suggested subtitle (not finalised):

Make your own clothing suitable for the Georgian, Regency, Victorian & Edwardian periods.

Chapter outline:

1. Introduction

2. Georgian

Pin-front bodice and tied skirt.

3. Regency

Bib-front dress.

4. Victorian

Button-front blouse and two styles of skirt- one pleated (suitable for 1830s-50s) and one shaped (suitable for the other half of the century)

5. Edwardian

Blouse and skirt.

Addendums: glossary, troubleshooting, further reading.


Beginner and novice seamstresses who wish to make their own historical clothing for events and re-enactments.

Author biography:

Aisha Miljan is a qualified seamstress with a BA (Hons) in Costume and Performance Design from Arts University Bournemouth. She started Perfect Little Parcel in 2015 and has completed custom orders for individual clients all over the world. She started wearing her own handmade historical wardrobe in 2020 and hasn’t looked back since.

Comp titles:

18th Century Dressmaking by Lauren Stowell and Abby Cox

The Victorian Dressmaker by Prior Attire

Making Edwardian Costumes for Women by Suzanne Rowland

How to Read a Dress by Lydia Edwards

Georgian tutorial preview:


As a companion to this book, I will also be releasing draping and mockup tutorials for every era which will be available as a compendium bought alongside the book, or for individual sale on my Etsy shop.

If you like the sound of this please support me on Patreon here. There are three tiers you can choose from, 'Audience' which has no perks (but you support me!), 'Patron' which gets access to all of my blog posts and PDF tutorials (otherwise available for individual sale on my Etsy) or 'Book Supporter'.

The book supporter tier will get you a free PDF version of this book when it is released and a percentage off a physical version, if I decide to make a physical version in the end. You only need to subscribe to this tier for one month to get the perks.

The proposed release date of this book is late 2025.

Thank you so much for your support!

Aisha x

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