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Aisha Miljan

Born in the wrong era, I spend my time researching, making and wearing period clothing. My passion for creating historical costumes using modern techniques allows me to make accurate yet functional garments for the modern wearer, who probably doesn't have a ladies maid! Please feel free to explore this website and if you like what you see why not visit my Etsy or drop me a message!


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I graduated from Arts University Bournemouth in 2019 with a degree in costume and performance design, specilising in making for performance and theatre. Since graduating, I have created costumes for the Jane Austen Festival (UK and US), taken part in the Salisbury Museums 'look again' project and sold various articles of clothing through my Etsy shop.


"I ordered this a few months ago for the Jane Austen festival in Louisville Ky. I was a little nervous wearing it but it surprised me. It really helped give my body the shape you see in the regency era. It was not painful to wear and kept me sitting straight. You will need help getting in and out but once on it holds you better than any modern day bra. I would highly recommend this for any regency era events."