Victorian CB Corset



This corset is the most basic Victorian corset I offer, very simplistic in its design but still very pretty. The sheer amount of bones means everything is supported and it keeps your posture in check, along with creating the smooth, hourglass figure that was so desirable in the Victorian era.

This pattern is based off of an extant example from the 1890s, called the ‘Celebrated C.B. Bridal Corset’ and made by the manufacturing company Bayer & Co. In the Victorian era every woman wore a corset, and new advances in technology meant that the emerging middle-class could now buy items made by manufacturing companies such as these. Symington is a particularly notable example, with the ‘Pretty Housemaid’ corset being advertised to women in domestic service and was one of the best selling corsets of its day.

I sell this style of corset in either a ‘standard size’ or I can make a custom one to your measurements. It’s made from herringbone coutil, steel bones, metal eyelets and a lace border. Please note that the lace changes depending on what I have in stock, if you would like to see what lace I will be using on your corset just drop me a message. I can also change the colour of the ribbon threaded through the lace by request. I currently have white, yellow and blue in my stash.

I have made this corset in the past with beautiful coutils to make them more unique, or I can floss them if you would like a touch more intricacy to your corset. I also have lots of other corset patterns if you would like a different design, just drop me a message and I can give you some options!

I personally wear this corset on a near-daily basis. The bones are supportive to give me the correct posture and the minimal waist reduction means that I have a nice shape while not suffering under extreme tight lacing. I can do all of my daily tasks in this corset with no issues and would thoroughly recommend anyone just starting out in corsetry to purchase this corset as a starting point.