Regency Short Stays



These short stays are the perfect thing for those just getting into the Regency era. Not only are they historically accurate, they’re also very similar to a modern bra and so those used to wearing bras won’t find the transition too jarring if they’re just venturing into historical costuming for the first time.

These short stays are eminently popular with my customers, and it’s easy to understand why. They’re pretty, comfortable and also very similar to what those would have worn back in the Regency era. During the 1820s, there was a push for freedom of movement for women, after the strictly corseted and hampering fashions of the Georgian era and women embraced the movement. Short stays like these elevated the chest for the wide, low necklines that were fashionable at the time, while still allowing them to bend and move as corsets before then hadn’t allowed them to do.

I make these short stays from 100% cotton drill with metal eyelets and steel bones at the centre front. If you would like hand worked eyelets, embroidery or any other period details drop me a message and I can give you a quote.