Regency Long-Line Stays



A lovely long-line corset, perfect to wear as a foundation for your Regency dresses and add that extra bit of Jane Austen authenticity to your ensembles. The pattern is closely modelled after an extant example from the 1820s, combining modern techniques with the historical silhouette to make something beautiful yet wearable.

The purpose of corsets in the Regency era was to streamline the body and push up the chest, not to emphasise the waist as many modern corsets do. They used gussets to smooth over the hips and ‘cup’ the bust, the straps helping to keep the chest elevated to suit the wide, low necklines of the era. A busk at the centre front helps to keep your posture straight and correct, and the embroidery is taken from a genuine pattern from the era to add that extra touch of historical accuracy.

I make these corsets to a ‘standard’ size, or I can draft one from scratch to your measurements. I will make the corset from 100% cotton drill with metal eyelets, steel bones at the centre back and a wooden busk. If you would like me to incorporate period details such as:

  • Cording

  • Quilting

  • Embroidery

  • Hand-bound eyelets

I can do that for you, just drop me a message!

I find that this corset is very wearable and I have worn it beneath my clothes at the last few Jane Austen festivals, both to the promenade and when dancing. It takes a little getting used to, not being able to slouch or bend over with the rigid busk, but once you get over that it’s a very comfortable and easy-going corset.