Half-Boned Georgian Stays



A beautiful half-boned Georgian corset, the perfect place to start building your Georgian wardrobe. The simple shape combined with intricate tabs splaying over your hips creates the period-correct shape for the late-1700s, smooth and conical.

I will draft the corset from scratch to your measurements. I can either use a gorgeous brocade, as pictured, or if you would like a more period-correct look I can achieve that with this pattern too. Because it is only half-boned I will use steel bones in order to give more support and metal eyelets to extend the life of the corset.

I, personally, love to wear this style of corset with my Georgian outfits. I have a very small chest, so the horizontal bones provide a lot of ‘lift’ to give the illusion of a fuller bust! Although originally the eyelets would have been hand worked and unable to be tightened as viciously as Victorian corsets, I find that with metal eyelets I can achieve a satisfying amount of waist reduction. I have played around with bone placement extensively so that they sit comfortably on the body while still giving the correct shape for the era.

I have lots of other Georgian corset patterns if you would like to commission me, or if you would like a corset made with linen or false whalebone you will have to message me separately as this will cost more.