Edwardian ‘Plunge Front’ Corset



This style of corset is both stunning and unique, creating a dramatic yet elegant shape. The cups scoop around the torso to support the chest while the waist nips you in, the hip dipping down into a point at either side.

The ‘belle époque’ era lasted from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, and is defined by a boom of economic prosperity, scientific innovation and recognition of the arts. From this exuberant era came corsets such as these, beautifully shaped but still giving a defined waist which gradually diminishes as we move into the Edwardian era where streamlining the body is preferable over an hourglass shape.

I will draft this corset from scratch to your measurements. The price includes a corset made from twill with steel bones, metal eyelets and metal busk. If you would like any variation on this, such as a decorative top fabric, false whalebone or additional suspenders please message me as this will cost more.

Personally, I love wearing this corset. I think it is better suited to someone with a larger chest, but I still find it comfortable and practical as an everyday corset. The cups sit quite high under the arms which is unusual in a corset, so you may notice this if you are a seasoned corset wearer. It is not uncomfortable, however, just something new to get used to.