1830s Corset



This is a beautiful style of corset, suitable for the Romantic era of the 1830s. The gussets give the corset its shape without the use of bones to control the figure, giving a softer, more delicate look.

The 1830s is a very tricky era for corsetry as not many examples survived and it is the transitional phase between the soft lines of the Regency era and the strict hourglass figure of the Victorian. As a result, there aren’t many patterns around so it can be difficult to find 1830s corsets- not any more!

I use the pattern from ‘anachronism in action’ to make this corset, meaning that I do not draft it from scratch as I do with most of my other corsets. However, I will still work to ensure that it will fit your measurements if you do not fit either of the pattern sizes, but be aware that this corset may not fit as accurately as my other corsets due to this.

I offer this corset in two forms; simple or quilted. Simple is made from one layer of twill with steel bones and metal eyelets at the centre back. You can have either a wooden busk or a split busk at the centre front, but be aware that split busks were only invented in the mid-to-late 1800s so it would not be historically accurate. It would be easier to wear, however!

Quilted is made from two layers of twill with cotton wadding between the gusset panels where I will stitch rows to create the ‘quilted’ effect. Again, you can have either a split or wooden busk. If you would like a decorative top fabric then please message me for a quote.